Must see places in France

France is located in Western Europe. The most heart touching fact is that tourists visiting here are always fond of the star attractions of many places in the capital Paris. And moreover, the world’s most often visited country is included in the Top Ten’s lists of the beginner’s travel guide. There are many hidden and interesting facts about the capital of Paris and hence most of the first-time visitors feel pleasure for their eyes to see these natural places.
Paris is one of the natural beauties of France and the most often visiting place for tourists is the Eiffel Tower and Disneyland are the top attractions. The city is also famous for its Notre Dame also known as the city of lights.
Versailles is a palace of France and the French people call them as Chateau de Versailles. Since a location is a breathtaking place for the visitors, and the location looks stunning when it is viewed from the top or nearby as the places are surrounded by green plants and bushes.
Fontainebleau forest is the most popular family attraction place for long-time visitors to Paris. This beautiful place looks pleasant as the forest is arranged with trees in a linear way to watch and hear the lovely music of birds, climbing over the hills, and hiking is popular over here.